Welcome To The Digi Warrior IM Academy

Well, I made a decision today, one that changes everything. I am cancelling my popular coaching programs for the whole of 2017. The Super Accelerator Program…Gone! Even my successful flagship Six Month Mentoring Program…Gone!

That’s $2500 worth of coaching, all ending…right now. I’ll admit that it took me a while to make this decision but, there’s great things ahead. I am investing in the creation of lots more exciting content and will be placing this and all of the existing content into a brand new membership club.


Here’s the good news. This club will be so affordable that anyone can join and, there will be no commitment ever! Join for just one month or stay on-board for years. It will have everything you need to set up a successful online business.


Here’s how it works..


Sign up and gain access to several of my products including ‘The Success Blueprint’ which is my latest coaching product and is currently selling for $47.


Then, each week, you will receive a link to new video coaching sessions providing you with unique, highly targeted and hot-off-the-press content to help grow your business. You will also receive a variety of books or software, all of professional quality, designed to enhance your business plans yet further.


Remember, you will receive all this on a weekly basis.


Within this 4-week period, you’ll also receive several ‘done-for-you’ products which you can take and use as your own. You could sell these or, use them as a quality giveaway to help build a subscriber list. You will never be stuck for promotional material EVER again.


You will also receive all the PLR products directly produced by me and you will have free access to any other products that I produce while you are in this exclusive club.


Here are just some of the topics that will be covered….


Developing the right mindset.

How to determine the right niche.

How to build a subscriber base.

How to make your list super-responsive.

How to master CPA.

How to set up sales funnels.

How to make money using social media.

How to create an income from YouTube.

How to build an authority site.

How to start selling services.

How to create cool graphics.

Become a WordPress wizard and create websites as required.

Learn the right way to set up sales and landing pages.

Learn how to craft attention-grabbing emails that get opened.

Discover little talked about money methods.

Learn how to build a buyers list without having to sell a single thing.

Learn the basics of writing powerful copy.

Learn the best way to create an online income.

Learn how to build lucrative membership sites.

Learn the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing.

Learn how to create products that sell, sell, sell.

Learn how to generate a recurring income

Plus….make SEO work for you!


How does that sound? The list goes on and on and I am really only touching the tip of the iceberg here. I care about Internet Marketing and so, you can bet that I will be over-delivering.


As if that isn’t enough, I also have a series of guest speakers lined up who are eager to spill some of their secret methods to online riches and, you’ll gain the benefit of some amazing complete ‘business in a box’ products.


Remember, you only pay a small monthly fee.


To be honest, I struggled with how much to charge for all this. Realistically, many would charge $97 a month for way less than I am going to give out but, I know that $97 will prevent some people from signing up and I really want everyone to be able to benefit from this Online Marketers Academy.


So, I thought I would set the monthly fee at a very affordable $47 and yes, I do know this is crazily good value. But then, in a moment of sheer madness, because of my enthusiasm for this marketplace, I decided to let the first 50 enthusiastic would-be entrepreneurs secure their place at just $20 a month.


So, here’s my price promise for enthusiasm and loyalty. If you are in the first 50, you will never pay more per month no matter what value I bring to the table….providing you keep your membership current.


I will be putting a lot of time and effort into this and to say I am determined is an understatement but hey, this is your chance to stop spinning your wheels and jump in with me. Yes, right now!

Come on, let’s make it happen!


Will you be one of the first 50 to grab this deal of a lifetime?


Become a Digi Warrior by clicking on the JOIN tab at the top of this page and I’ll see you on the other side where you will take your first steps toward your very own successful online business.